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Professional Audio Studio Production

We’re not your average music on hold message company. We’re an internationally recognized audio firm.

Telephone On Hold.com, operated by Professional Audio Studios, is a leading national provider of custom Telephone On Hold service. Our customers appreciate our dedication to detail, affordable prices, and the high quality of our work. We take pride in our audio quality, scriptwriting, and outstanding customer service. And, we think you will appreciate our competitive prices.

Professional Audio Studios is a division of Professional Audio – widely recognized as leader in the field of sophisticated forensic audio processing since 1974.  Our state of the art digital enhancement and production has led to national recognition in the print and broadcast media as well as by all federal investigative law enforcement agencies.

Professional Audio Studios, parent company of TelephoneOnHold.com is proud to be a twice-elected board member of the On Hold Messaging Association, an internationally recognized organization with mission to maintain high quality standards, ethical standards, and community awareness within the on-hold industry.  All productions are created in one of our three in-house production studios.

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