Auto Sales and Service Music On Hold by Telephone On Hold

Auto Sales and Service Music On Hold by Telephone On Hold

Auto Sales and Service Music On Hold by Telepone On Hold
Automotive dealerships and repair shops rely a great deal on phone traffic. As a rule of thumb, 70% of these callers are placed on-hold. The Auto On Hold Profit System can convert this hold-time into a powerful opportunity to upsell, cross promote, highlight specials and lesser known services.



Here’s what the Auto on Hold Profit System can do for your dealership or repair shop:

  1. Generate more business for your sales, service and parts departments.
  2. Emphasize the importance of having skilled technicians take care of their vehicle’s every need.
  3. Greatly reduce hang-ups – thus increasing your overall revenue.
  4. Enhance your dealership and/or body shop image.
  5. Answer caller’s common questions – hours, website, location, etc. (This will free your staff up for more important questions and inquiries.)
  6. Emphasize the importance of regular vehicle maintenance schedule.
  7. Brag about your dealership’s reputation, history, community involvement and specials. Use your hold-time to tell callers about your loaner car program, or well-equipped waiting room.
  8. Convert callers into true walk-in prospects for your dealership and/or body shop.
  9. Generate excitement about new vehicle models. Generate additional test-drives – thus additional sales.
  10. Educate callers about your service appointment cancellation policy – reducing no-shows!

Call today to learn more about the Auto On Hold Profit System from Telephone On Hold. 1-866-359-4653.

Whether you represent a single automotive dealership or repair shop or a system of 1000+ locations, Telephone On Hold can help communicate, educate and improve your on-hold experience. Call for more information about the Auto On Hold Profit System: 866-359-4653.

Hear sample Auto On Hold audio by Telephone On Hold at–service.html. | 866-359-4653

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