Veterinary Music On Hold for Veterinarians by Telephone On Hold

Veterinary Music On Hold for Veterinarians

Veterinary Music On Hold for Veterinarians by

A veterinary on hold message from Telephone On Hold will increase business.  People love their pets and want nothing but the best for them.  The on hold message is the customer’s first impression of your veterinary office, the services that you offer, the technology you have available, and recommended preventative treatments that your office provides.  If you show your clients that they have called a warm, caring environment with a qualified staff, your customers will feel good about trusting you with their four-legged friends. And, they’re likely to tell a friend or two.  The veterinary on-hold marketing service from Telephone On Hold (in place in veterinary clinics, hospitals, and grooming centers nationwide) will also prompt callers to inquire about lesser-known services and available products.

Calm Caller Anxieties
Whether they’re anxious because they need to bring in a sick pet, are worried about an upcoming procedure or are concerned about finances, veterinary music on hold messaging will ease your callers’ anxieties.

Word of Mouth
Offer a client testimonial. Mention your client referral program. Veterinary music on hold messaging will spread the word.

Tell patients about your doctor(s) background or hobbies. Veterinary music on hold will educate callers about your lesser known services such as boarding or grooming.

Be Social
Provide your website information, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram information. Be sure to mention if you run any specials or promotions to increase social activity.

Tips and Tricks
Offer at-home tips for a healthier pet while promoting the medications or nutritional products you offer. Remind pet owners to keep their pets up-to-date with vaccines.

Turn your on-hold button into a practice builder with Telephone On Hold! Call today to learn more about the Veterinary Music On Hold Profit System: 866-359-4653! | 866-359-4653


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